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Pre Owned- 500g Silver Bar

Pre Owned- 500g Silver Bar

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500g of pure 999.9 silver.

This item is from our best value range. These items are sold based on the content and weight of their metals. Therefore, you are unable to specify which brand you receive.

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  • Contry Of Origin

    Our inventory includes pre-owned silver classified according to its country of origin. However, please be aware that the main coin of a particular country may not be available. For example, Scotsdale would be considered part of the American category.

  • Purity

    Our commitment to quality is reflected in the extensive testing process that every preowned silver product goes through. This includes magnetic, weight, dimension verifications, and XRF testing.

  • VAT

    We sell pre owned silver on the VAT margin scheme. This special scheme allows them to pay VAT on the profit they make, which ultimately reduces the VAT costs for the customers. As a result, VAT will not be shown on the invoice for this product.

Quality & Condition

All of our Pre Owned Silver Products are tested for purity, however they may have some small blemishes, marks or scratches. Here are some examples.These differences in condition do not lower the purity of the silver.

  • Scratches

    Coins & Bars may have scratches, however many new bars come with these scratches.

  • Milk Marks

    Milk marks are very common, even on newly minted coins. These are usually from improper handling. They start as milk coloured patches.

  • Blemishes

    Blemishes are common on older items that have been poorly handled and/or stored. These can appear "milky" or "brown" or "like burn marks.

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