Collection: Silver - VAT Free Silver

We are now able to offer VAT Free silver to UK customers. This option is available on set products only and VAT free Silver cannot be delivered*. For this reason we offer FREE STORAGE based on your purchase amount.

All items are stored in the UK in a safe deposit facility.


Invoice Total Free Storage Term
Up to £5,000 1 Year Free Storage
£5,001 - £15,000 2 Years Free Storage
£15,001 - £30,000 3 Years Free Storage
£30,001 - £50,000 4 Years Free Storage
£50,001 + 5 Years Free Storage

We will invoice you once your free storage term is over. Our fees are based on your account’s insurance valuation, and the fee is charged annually and includes insurance & VAT.

Our storage fees are:

Bullion Holding Value Cost per year
Up to £5,000 £50/year
£5,001 - £15,000 £100/year
£15,001 - £30,000 £250/year
£30,001 - £50,000 £400/year
£50,000 - £75,000 £500/year
£75,000 + POA


  • These items cannot be delivered without VAT charges.
  • You can inspect your goods physically with us by appointment only.
  • You can receive these items and cancel your storage agreement with us any time. Charges may apply*
  • On completion of your storage term, you will be offered the option to renew your storage, take delivery or to sell the item back to us.

* Physical Delivery is possible by paying the shipping charges, which we will confirm on instruction of your intention to take physical delivery of the item & applicable amount of VAT. You will be responsible for any and all handling, customs clearance, VAT and other charges which might be applicable at the point of delivery.