Ways to Pay

Online retailers offer various payment options, both contemporary and traditional. However, given the nature of our business and the products we offer, we prioritize transparency regarding the payment methods we can accommodate and guidelines for their secure utilization.

Open Banking

Instant Payment

You can make instant online payments using your mobile banking app. This system works very similarly to Bank Transfers, however it is instant, safe and simple. This option has not limit imposed by us but you may be subject to limits via your own bank.


Bank Transfer

Please select "Bank Transfer" during the checkout process. After confirming your order, you will receive a confirmation email containing your order number and our payment information, enabling you to finalize the transaction. It's essential to make your bank transfer payment promptly, referencing your order number. Failure to complete the payment by the end of the following working day may result in the cancellation of your order. If we receive your funds by 2pm, we will endeavour to dispatch your item on the same day.

Our Account Details are:

Aegis Vaults Ltd

Account Number: 77326768

Sort Code: 30-91-92

IBAN: GB66 LOYD 3091 9277 3267 68


In store


You can pay in cash up to a maximum value of £5,000, but we have specific requirements in place to ensure the transaction's security. To use cash as a payment method, customers must present valid identification to our counter staff, including a photo ID such as a passport or driver's license, along with a separate proof of address document like a bank statement or utility bill dated within the last 3 months. You can find a comprehensive list of acceptable forms of identification here:

Please note the following important details:

  1. The £5,000 limit applies per household, not per individual.
  2. The £5,000 limit is applicable over a 12-month period from the date of the first cash purchase, rather than per individual transaction.
  3. Customers who arrive together to place separate orders at our stores cannot be accommodated. For instance, if both John and Dave arrive together, each wanting to make a £5,000 cash purchase, we will be unable to serve them, regardless of their relationship (e.g., married, friends, or neighbors). However, if they come together, and only John is placing an order, this would be acceptable.


PayPal & PayPal Express

We are able to receive payments through PayPal and PayPal Express, but please be aware that these options are available exclusively for specific product ranges and for orders with a maximum value of £1500 due to the substantial fees imposed by these services.


Do you accept Cash

Yes up to £5000 per household per calendar year

Why only £5000?

This is inline with current Anti Money Laundering Guidelines.

Is it safe to pay on card?

The management of 3D authentication, also known as 3D Secure, is handled directly by Visa (Verified by Visa) and Mastercard (Mastercard Securecode). This global security initiative is adopted by numerous banks and financial institutions. Considering the unique characteristics of our products, we are committed to maintaining the utmost level of security. Consequently, we exclusively accept card payments that undergo this supplementary security procedure.

For additional information, please visit the following links:

Why do you need my ID and personal information?

We are legally required to adhere to regulations regarding anti-money laundering and the KYC process. KYC, which stands for "Know Your Customer," is a regulatory procedure employed by businesses and financial institutions to confirm and gain insights into their customers' identities. This entails the collection and validation of personal information to deter fraud, money laundering, and various illicit activities.

What is "Live Pricing"?

The price of our products is dependent on the spot price of the relevant metal at the time your order is placed. This price fluctuates frequently and is outside of our control. Due to these fluctuations, we are obliged to purchase the precious metal you have ordered immediately to secure the items within your order at that rate. We therefore cannot accept cancellations on any orders as we have committed to purchase your product as soon as your order has been placed.

You do not have any statutory rights to cancel your order for an Investment Product if you change your mind, whether under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, the Financial Services Regulations 2004 or otherwise.