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2024 King Charles III 1oz Silver Britannia

2024 King Charles III 1oz Silver Britannia

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Introducing the pinnacle of security and craftsmanship in the bullion market – the enhanced Britannia coin from The Royal Mint. Merging tradition with cutting-edge innovation, this coin stands as a testament to over 1,100 years of excellence in coinage.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Britannia coin features four advanced security features that redefine the standards of visual security. Experience the transformation as a latent image seamlessly shifts from Britannia's trident to a steadfast padlock, symbolizing both heritage and protection.

Marvel at the dynamic surface animation that breathes life into the waves, capturing the essence of Britannia's maritime legacy. Delve into the intricate micro-text adorning the coin, a fusion of decoration and fortification that underscores its unrivaled security.

Emblazoned with Britannia's shield proudly bearing the Union flag, accentuated with tincture lines, each detail is a testament to the coin's unwavering authenticity and heritage.

Encapsulated within a single coin capsule, the Britannia coin is a masterpiece of security and design. Whether in its one-ounce silver form or the prestigious one-kilo edition, these features are meticulously integrated, ensuring the utmost protection across various gold and platinum editions.

Join us as we redefine security standards with the Britannia coin – where tradition meets innovation, and every detail reflects a legacy of excellence. Experience the pinnacle of security with the Britannia coin from The Royal Mint.
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Purity: 999.9

Pure Metal Content: 31.1g

Weight: 31.1 g

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