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2024 King Charles III 1oz Britannia

2024 King Charles III 1oz Britannia

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Introducing the Britannia 2024 Bullion Coin – a masterpiece crafted by the genius minds behind the United Kingdom’s renowned 12-sided £1 coin, hailed as ‘the world’s most secure coin.’ Elevate your investment portfolio with confidence, as this exceptional coin showcases not one, but four cutting-edge security features that set it apart as one of the most visually secure coins globally.

  • Behold the iconic Britannia coin design, adorned with innovations that redefine security in numismatics:
  • Dynamic Latent Image: Watch in awe as a padlock transforms seamlessly into Britannia’s famous trident, a captivating display of the coin's secure heritage.
  • Mesmerizing Surface Animation: Experience the illusion of waves in motion, adding a dynamic backdrop to Britannia’s majestic presence.
  • Intricate Micro-Text: Beauty meets protection as delicate micro-text weaves a decorative tapestry, safeguarding every detail of this exquisite coin.
  • Union Flag and Tincture Lines: Britannia’s shield proudly bears the Union flag, accentuated by precise tincture lines that enhance both security and the coin's visual allure.

Encased in a coin capsule, this Britannia 2024 masterpiece is expertly struck in 999.9 fine gold, ensuring a lasting legacy of elegance and security. Renowned artist Philip Nathan's portrayal of Britannia graces the coin, with a latent image of a trident subtly positioned below her gown, symbolizing her rich naval history. Marvel as the trident morphs into a padlock, underscoring the coin’s unwavering commitment to security with every change in perspective.

The background of the coin comes alive with surface animation, mimicking the gentle movement of waves, while tincture lines meticulously accentuate the Union flag, elevating security to an art form. The coin's micro-text proudly declares ‘DECUS ET TUTAMEN’ – ‘An ornament and a safeguard,’ encapsulating the essence of this extraordinary piece.
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Purity: 999.9

Pure Metal Content: 31.1g

Weight: 31.1 g

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