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1oz Copper Round - Bullion Not Bits

1oz Copper Round - Bullion Not Bits

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The 1oz Copper Bullion Not Bits round features a design suggesting that bullion is better than Bitcoin.
  • Obverse: A balance scale sits in the centre of the image showing a US Liberty Dollar coin weighing more than a Bitcoin, indicating it having more physical value. A starburst pattern is in the background. The top and bottom of the image are lined with the words BULLION NOT BITS & SAFETY IN NUMBERS.
  • Reverse: A starburst background highlights a fist of freedom, punching skyward. Before this stand four figures, holding hands to surround the emblem. The foreground is a Crusader shield protecting the people. The top and bottom of the round are the words PROTECT THE FUTURE , & REAL METAL . REAL VALUE. The weight and purity of the round are stamped towards the bottom of the image.
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Product Information

Dimensions: 41mm

Purity: 999.9

Pure Metal Content: 31.1

Weight: 31.1 g

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