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Casted in 999.9 Fine Silver, the 500 gr (16.075 troy ounces) silver bar is an excellent investment tool in the highest purity you’ll find in silver bars. Savvy investors know that precious metals in their physical form are an important part of a well-balanced portfolio. The KCM 500gr silver bars are the perfect vehicle for your investment in silver bullion. The 500gr bar is the most efficient way to buy, store and sell your silver investment over time given its efficient size and shape, and excellent liquidity in the physical silver market. The face is inscribed with “Fine Silver 999.9 500 gr” and the manufacturer’s logo (KCM 2000 S.A.). By the nature of the casting process, every bar will have a unique finish and look. Dimensions KCM 500 gr silver bars measure 115 x 50 x 5 mm. The Producer KCM 2000 Group AD is the largest lead, zinc mining and refining company in Southeastern Europe. It is a member of the International Lead Association, the International Zinc Association and the International Lead and Zinc Study Group. KCM 2000 S.A. is also one of the first members of the London Bullion Market Association.