Battle of Waterloo 1815 – 2015 Commemorative Coin / Medal Set Including 14ct Gold Proof Coin

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The Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary coin collection with album x 5 coins. In 1815, the bravery and gallantry of the ‘Waterloo Men’ changed our history forever. To celebrate the bicentenary of this defining moment, a commemorative Waterloo Campaign Medal has been produced in solid bronze in a limited edition release. Minted in solid bronze as originally intended in 1815, the medal bears the exact design of the campaign medal awarded to the veterans of the Battle of Waterloo. The commemorative medal is struck by Worcestershire Medal Service, medallist to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The medal is distributed by The London Mint Office, one of Britain’s principal coin specialists. In addition to this are the four monarch coins that form the larger collection, also minted in solid bronze.

Location United Kingdom

Souvenir Tokens Composition Bronze Weight 29 g Size 36 mm Shape Round

Duke of Wellington Gold Coin

Metal : 14 carat gold

Diameter : 22.5mm

Weight : 7 grams

Quality : Proof

Edge : Milled

Issue Limit : 15,000