2021 Australian Shipwreck Zeewijk 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

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2021 AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECK ZEEWIJK 1OZ SILVER BULLION COIN 2021 Australian Shipwreck Zeewijk 1oz Silver Bullion Coin comes in a protective Coin capsule. COIN INFORMATION In 2020, the Royal Australian Mint introduced the Australian Shipwreck Series. The four-coin release from the sovereign mint of Australia features unique designs representing Dutch East India Company ships of the 17th and 18th centuries that met a disastrous fate off the coast of Western Australia in the Indian Ocean. Provident Metals currently has 2021 Australian Shipwreck Zeewijk 1 oz Silver Coins available to you for purchase online. The Zeewijk was, like all Dutch East India Company vessels, required to sail to Batavia using the Brouwer Route to cross from Cape of Good Hope off Africa to Batavia. The route used the prevailing westerly winds to travel eastward and then turn north for Batavia. The Zeewijks captain ignored this route in the interest of vising Western Australia. As a result, the Zeewijk became shipwrecked on the coral reefs of the Houtman Abrolhos island group off the coast of Western Australia. 10 men died by drowning as the crew attempted to launch its longboat. Eventually, all the crewmembers were moved to Gun Island where seals, fruits, and fresh water were available to sustain the crew. 12 men setoff in the longboat for Batavia one month after the shipwreck, but were never seen again. By the fall of 1727, the crew used materials from the crashed Zeewijk and mangrove timber from Gun Island to build a boat they named Sloepie. In February 1728, the Sloepie set sail with the remaining survivors and reached Batavia in April. 82 of the original 208-man crew survived. The Sloepie became the first European vessel built in Australia. Obverse The obverse side of 2021 Australian Shipwreck Zeewijk Silver Coins features the bust of Queen Elizabeth II at the top of one of the corners of the triangular coin. This is the 1998 design from Ian Rank-Broadley. In the scene below the Queen, the survivors of the Zeewijk shipwreck work to save themselves by building a new ship to sail away from the shipwreck site in hopes of reaching Batavia, modern-day Indonesia. The inscriptions include Elizabeth II, Australia 2021, and One Dollar. Reverse On the reverse side of 2021 Australian Shipwreck Zeewijk 1 oz Silver Coins is the ship itself. The ship is shown as it appeared in 1725 when its initial construction was completed and it was readied to set sail for Batavia. The design field includes VOC at the top, an inscription of the Dutch initials for the Dutch East India Company, which is Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie in Dutch. If you turn the ship upside down, you can see the inscriptions of 1 oz. 999 Ag, Zeewijk, and 1727. 2021 AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECK ZEEWIJK 1OZ SILVER BULLION COIN Manufacturer: Royal Australian Mint Dimensions: 33.9 mm Weight (grams): 31.103 Fineness: 999