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    Avoid at all costs. Was given a price of 4grand for a 100g bar of gold to sell to this company 2 weeks ago. Now the economy is unstable and people are loosing their income the rip off merchant running this business told me he could only pay me 3grand for my gold bar.

    Stuart Griffiths

    Very good customer service. Polite and interested, without applying any pressure whatsoever. Felt very relaxed. Got the impression they were honest and knew what they were talking about, unlike a similar type of shop I’d popped into on the way here.

    Sion Prawn

    I really respect the team at Bullion For Less. It is obvious to me how much they care and how passionate they are about the potential of investing in precious metals and they have taken the time to educate me on it which I really appreciate.

    Tom Bryan

    I placed an order over the weekend and received tracking details on the Monday morning. The silver coin arrived the next morning via RM Special Delivery. After an extensive search BullionForLess had proved to offer the best price.

    Sarah Summers